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A programmable thermostat is programmed for when you leave your house and then return home. The thermostat helps regulate temperature during the hours you are not home so that energy is not used to keep the house warm or cool while you are gone. The thermostat will then turn back on 30 minutes before you come home so your house is at the perfect temperature when you are home. These thermostats save up to 15% on your energy bills.

Service agreements are vital for your heating and air to lower utility bills, extend equipment life, have fewer repairs, and improved capacity.

Regular air filter replacement helps your heating and cooling system operate at peak levels and improves indoor air quality. It is very  important to change filters regularly to ensure proper air flow and to keep your home free from dust, allergens and germs. Not only that, but maintaining your filters is the #1 thing you can do to make sure your system lasts a very long time.

Locate the label on the outer surface of the equipment for a manufacture date on your unit. If the equipment is less than five years old it may have a warranty, but also may not depending on the model. Warranty terms and conditions change by manufacturer and the company who installed it. Coastal Services HVAC, LLC can verify the warranty status of your heating and cooling system for you.

The right size system is of the utmost importance in your home or business.  Too large and your system will short cycle and not control humidity correctly.  Too small and it will run continuously.  We always use a computerized load calculation.  Please contact us for your free analysis today. We’ll give you the best replacement options to match your needs and budget.

You should check AC filters every month and replace as needed.

The cost of HVAC repairs today may not be your only repair cost in the near future. As HVAC systems age, you can find yourself making multiple repairs in a short period of time when a system starts to break down. When deciding whether to repair or replace, use the cost to fully repair your system along with likely future repairs, as your basis for comparison, not just the cost of today’s required repair. With new technology, it may make sense to go ahead and replace the unit to help with efficiency and peace of mind.